Environmental Policy

The environment has always been the major concern in the operations of Aventours:

We are committed to a respect for nature and culture of every place we visit. In the past years, we have developed an environmental management system that provides the tools to operate trips.

We believe that education is the key element in this system and that is why we regularly train our staff in the art of visiting places without leaving much of a trace behind. At the most we leave behind our footprints and take home only pictures, memories and possibly some handicrafts. Our staff is composed mainly by people who come from local ethnic cultural backgrounds and a part of our regular sessions consists of seminars that emphasize the importance of maintaining their cultural heritage and identity. Over the years we have also helped rural schools by donating books and other educational materials including computers.

We also believe in the importance of promoting participation in the business of tourism by the local inhabitants of the places we visit, this is why we are actively involving local people and communities in joint ventures: In the model of our Camp Km 82, we are developing two more camps that belong to local owners, trained by us in their management and operation. This way we guarantee sustainability of each tented camp we develop in conjunction. We are also part of a project to develop several more of these tented camps in association with other organizations.

In the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary that is part of the National Park System of Perú, we are actively involved with communities that inhabit the Buffer Zone in the development of a ring of protection for the park. We have developed trekking programs in the buffer zone, providing work for the local people; this is based on the concept that if the locals benefit from tourism in Machu Picchu, they will be the most interested in protecting the park.

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