Day hike Cusco nearby ruins

After early breakfast, we depart by bus from your hotel in Cusco or the Sacred Valley and travel to the town of Pisac; we continue up on the road that leads to the Inca remains and take a detour to continue ascending on an unpaved road for about 30 minutes before we reach our trailhead in the highlands above Pisac.

We begin our hike on a trail that descends on light gradient past traditional farms where people have lived undisturbed by modern civilization since the Inca times. You can observe them work the land and herd their animals in this peaceful environment. About 1 ½ hours later we reach the impressive Inca cemetery of Pisac set on the steep mountain side.

From this point you also have outstanding views of the Inca agricultural terraces that are some of the best preserved and are still being used today. We will explore the area known as Kantorakay and then we enter the sacred area where you find the “Intihuatana” or temple to the Sun, considered the most important part of the remains. A few minutes’ walk from here we will gather to enjoy a picnic lunch with views of the Sacred Valley and the colonial town of Pisac below us. After lunch we will continue hiking down to the Spanish built town of Pisac and visit its popular Indian market: A place where you can find varied and colorful handicrafts from the region. Picnic Lunch


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