Traveling With Us

Traveling with AVENTOURS is known to be a memorable experience.

In the cities we carefully select the best restaurants and comfortable hotels but not necessarily the most expensive. Our City Tours are oriented to give you an insight into the historical and cultural values of the city plus the present-day way of life of the inhabitants.

When outdoors, the service AVENTOURS gives becomes a specialized activity that takes care of every detail in an expedition, always with environmental conservation as a priority and with a view to giving our clients comfort without affecting the real sense of adventure. Waking up to a warm cup of coca tea makes it easy to leave your sleeping bag on a chilly morning. A bowl of warm water to wash up makes you feel fresh as you join the group to a hearty breakfast that prepares you for a full day of Adventures. A well-trained cook prepares meals in a balanced diet using fresh foods and avoiding canned ones. Plenty of food is always available and a glass of wine is usually served with dinner.

Well-experienced porters and mule skinners with their pack animals carry our food, equipment and luggage to each campsite, leaving passengers only with the weight of their day packs and cameras. We use four-person tents for every two passengers, each having plenty of room for gear, as well as a dinning tent with chairs and tables covered with a tablecloth, and a separate kitchen tent for cooking. A bathroom tent is also available to give our clients extra comfort. Our groups are always accompanied by a bilingual guide with years of experience and knowledge in the cultural as behavioral aspects of the local people.

AVENTOURS invites you to compare our service and cost with that of other tour operators. We are sure you will always come back to AVENTOURS.

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